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We have been closely monitoring Covid-19 situation and are following guidelines from local health agencies regarding our operations. Our already strict cleaning protocols have been adapted to the current Covid-19 situation.

First, we realize that it starts from the people (our team), from now on we commit to change drastically how we live; cover up when we sneeze, wear mask when we are sick, wash hands regularly, touching face only after washing hands, it is okay to not go to work when we are sick, etc.


Second, not only we practice physical distancing and but we also do extra by:

  • Constantly train and encourage our team to maintain healthy living habit, check body condition, and wear self protection gear during work time.

  • Constantly train ourself to learn the latest and highest hygienic standard according to WHO (

  • All units have window in every room, fo better air circulation (lower infection risk)

  • Clean all area first, then disinfect, especially frequently touched surfaces (door knobs, light switches, remote controls, toilet seat, water taps, etc).

  • Using food grade disinfectant for dining and kitchen surface area

  • Contactless check in and check out

  • Contactless (or on demand scheduled) housekeeping

  • Replacing all paper in-room amenities with digital alternative

  • UV sterilizing items provided for guest use (key cards, toilet papers, etc)

  • Providing antiseptic wipes-to-go for guest during the stay

  • Guest's bed sheets and towels are packed in individual packaging to avoid contamination

Please also rest assured that we still maintain our usual cleaning practice such as:

  • Allowing fresh air circulation at all rooms during cleaning process

  • Replacing new bed sheets and blanket (not just the cover) for every new guest and every 3 days for long stay guest

  • Providing new towels everyday if requested

  • Using antibacterial toilet and kitchen cleaner

If you have special circumstances that we can help to make your stay easier, please let us know and we will be happy to assist. 

We wish to thank our guests for their continuous trust and cooperation during this unprecedented situation.

Hope you are always well! 

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